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Information Governance & Privacy

I gave this presentation yesterday in Wellington to a Conferenz event on Digital Identity and Security. My topic was around maintaining the trust of the public for confidential data.
The Dominion Post that morning aided and abetted me by devoting 100% of its front page, and 90%of page 2, to privacy issues – predominantly the aftermath of the contentious GCSB Bill passing into law, and also a story about a series of leakages of personal health data.
One example of the latter was a doctor posting private medical records on Facebook – what on earth was he thinking!
But it did give me the opening to poke a bit of fun by suggesting the doctor might have thought it was more secure on Facebook than in the hands of the ACC.
It was a well-attended event. Privacy is the topic de jour especially in public sector circles. Most agencies are poorly funded in this space, but under immense pressure from Ministers to keep off the front page. Its a fascinating field that ties in well with my digital economy theme.
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