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Conferences Galore!

I'm down for three conferences next month. Once it wouldn't have deserved a comment but these days its unusual. They all promise to be interesting and information-rich.

First, the Rural General Practitioners' Network annual conference in Wellington 13/15 March. I'm part of a session with Graeme Osborne from the National Health IT Board, and Dr Jo Scott Jones, a leading GP from Opotiki with whom I have worked closely on establishing the Opotiki Telehealth Community. I know them both well - and as I am last on the list there probably won't be time for me to say anything! (Kidding.) My bit is about the Telehealth Demonstration Project which I've been working on now for a year.

Second, the Australian Telehealth Conference in Melbourne 19/20 March. I'm looking forward to some informative sessions, especially one from the US Department of Veterans Affairs which has done great things in this space. Also a leading GP Dr Bastian Seidel who is quoted as saying "in 2020, the majority of GP consultations will be conducted by telehealth" - I agree and I'm delighted that a clinician has been brave enough to say this.

Third, I'm speaking at the Conferenz Information Governance event in Wellington 24/25 March wearing my Privacy hat.

Looking forward to them all and will report back on here.

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