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Getting UFB Was Painless – Eventually

I am now live on UFB. After my earlier post taking the RSPs sales teams to task for reluctant service I was contacted by several people most of whom supported my theory that reluctant or poorly trained sales people are the reason for slow uptake.

I have switched my RSP to Spark. Once I did that, the time from application to install was way less than a month and would have been even quicker had I not been picky about the date for the install.

Its possible of course, that I was put on someone’s list of VIPs and troublemakers (one list usually covers both categories!) and got preferential treatment, but in fairness I saw no evidence of this.

Speeds so far have fluctuated significantly averaging around 12Mbps down and 16Mbps up. Its early days so it will be interesting to see where they settle.

For now at least, I am a happy Spark customer for the first time since the 1990s..

Farewell, as far as I am concerned, to “Vodafone Next Generation Services” after a decade of good VoIP service. Just how they will get on in the future - with a name like “Next Generation” while not offering fibre (in Whakatane at least) - remains to be seen. At one time, as WxC and World Exchange, they were the innovators in their field. Its sad they seem to have not only lost their leadership position, but fallen way behind the competition. Everything goes in circles!

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