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Eastern Bay Kids on a Digital Journey

I'm feeling very satisfied at becoming a trustee of Te Aka Toitu, a new charitable trust set up with plans to provide affordable devices and connectivity to every student year 5 and above in seven decile one schools in Kawerau, Te Waiti, Murupara, and Waiohau.

The initiative came from Sam Gibson, then a teacher at Kawerau's Tarawera High School who now combines that role with Project Manager of our new Trust. As part of the Digital Enablement Plans last year the Whakatane and Kawerau District Councils nurtured this Project, and I became involved facilitating meetings of the seven principals leading to this outcome- now ending up as a trustee.

The good news is we have a strong Trust structure modeled on Auckland's Manaiakalani Trust, highly committed principals and trustees, and a huge determination to make this a success. The bad news is that we do not yet have any funds - the canvassing is about to start. But believe me, we will succeed in getting the money.

I can think of no better way than this to enhance the futures of the students from these deprived communities, and their whanau, than to give them world class connectivity and he means to use it. Wish us luck - details at or on Facebook.

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